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Grape stem separator

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Grape stem separator
Anhui xiangpai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a machinery manufacturer integrating scientific research, production and sales,
Cherry crusher, grape stem separator, fruit contact part and exposed part are all made of high-quality stainless steel. The crushed fruit is transported to the fermentation tank by the screw pump with a conveying height of 10 meters and a horizontal distance of 80 meters. Advantages of crusher equipment: the crusher can first remove the stem and then break, or can directly enter the next process without breaking after removing the stem, which can meet various processing requirements. The power of the stemming device is driven by electromagnetic speed regulating motor, which can adjust the rotation speed according to different grape varieties and different stemming requirements, so as to achieve satisfactory stemming requirements. The stemming screen cylinder can be replaced. The small pore size on the wall of the sieve tube is not conducive to the passage of fruit grains, and the large pore size can not block the short fruit stalks. Anhui xiangpai machine brewing equipment is a scientific research unit integrating research and development and promotion of biological brewing technology, brewing technology training, brand creativity, production and sales of brewing equipment. It has a comparative advantage in the field of biological research and brewing technology. Industry has a high reputation, by the majority of users and partners trust and praise.
Anhui xiangpai machine winemaking equipment specializes in the production of small grape stemming machine, stainless steel Apple crushing equipment, small crusher and other crushing equipment has applied for new utility patents.
Equipment introduction: the whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel
Technical features: the crushing speed of the machine is more than 20 faster than that of similar products. Suitable for many kinds of fruit processing, even and moderate crushing. The product is designed to be installed and disassembled reasonably, which is convenient for internal cleaning after use. The Institute is willing to create a better tomorrow with you with the concept of "professional, attentive and dedicated"! Service quality: from the moment you sign up with us to buy our products, we will establish a special file for you to track services, if you have any questions.

The production capacity of grape stemming crusher is 350kg / h, the rotation speed of stemming shaft can be adjusted infinitely, and it has a horizontal closed structure, which is composed of four parts: feeding, stemming removal, crushing and control. The core of grape was not damaged by screw feeding, stem removing blade and grating tube.  The contact part and exposed part of the whole machine with grapes are all made of high-quality stainless steel materials. It can adopt manual mode and electric mode as required. Anhui xiangpai machine brewing equipment produces products all over the country. We always take the production plan, excellent equipment and the most intimate service provided for users as our tenet. The company has a complete range of brewing equipment, a complete set of brewing equipment and brewing equipment can be purchased in one station.

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