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Stainless steel home brewed beer equipment

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Stainless steel home brewed beer equipment

With the rapid development of refined brewed beer in recent years, many home brewed beer enthusiasts have emerged. According to the current market demand, the company has developed 50-100l stainless steel home brewed beer equipment

The stainless steel home brewed beer equipment is equipped with saccharification integrated machine, fermentation tank, refrigerator, ice water tank, temperature automatic control system and pulverizer according to the craft of refined brewed beer.

Crusher: equipped with grinding plate crusher, made of 304 stainless steel; working efficiency: 100kg / h;
Saccharification integration: 50l-100l tank, 304 stainless steel, electric heating, top quick opening manhole cover, polyurethane insulation, with ice water jacket, used for cooling wort, equipped with wort pump and saccharification pipeline;
Fermentation tank: effective volume 50-100l, inner and outer tank 304 stainless steel, Maitreya plate jacket cooling, polyurethane insulation, with exhaust device, sampling valve, temperature probe, sake port and drain port, drinking port, CIP cleaning, diaphragm pressure gauge.
Ice water system of stainless steel home brewed beer equipment: equipped with ice water tank, ice water pump and supporting refrigeration and insulation pipeline.
Control system: equipped with temperature automatic control system; single tank single control.

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