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Small cherry wine brewing line equipment

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Small cherry wine brewing line equipment
Small cherry wine brewing line equipment
Small cherry wine brewing line equipment is used in domestic planting cooperatives and colleges. With the development of biological fermentation engineering, fruit wine has gradually become a rookie after wine. China is rich in fruit resources, coupled with China's excellent drinking culture, fruit wine has become a rookie in recent years, moving on the people's table. At present, there are many cooperatives in China. At present, many cooperatives have the idea of deep processing, but the scale is not large, mainly supporting their own characteristics and the development of agricultural tourism industry. At the same time, colleges and universities are also exploring the construction of pilot workshops, carrying out fruit wine research and development, serving enterprises and cultivating students.
Detailed introduction of wine production line
Brief introduction of small cherry wine brewing line equipment
Small cherry wine brewing line equipment is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, which meets the requirements of food grade. According to the actual situation of our customers, we have a small wine brewing line with an annual output of 5-100 tons. The equipment mainly includes the following parts:
Sorting, cleaning, crushing or beating equipment: food grade 304 stainless steel manufacturing, to meet the sorting, cleaning, crushing and other needs of customers' fruits.
Enzymolysis and blending: according to the actual process needs of customers, configure the enzymolysis equipment (optional) to mix the equipment to meet the needs of customers for sugar supplement and even mixing, and meet the next step of fermentation process needs;
Fermentation, storage and freezing: meet the requirements of fruit wine fermentation, post storage and cold treatment process, generally made of 304, with cooling jacket, stirring and heat preservation.
Refrigeration and hot water systems: suitable cooling and heating systems are provided. Generally, hot water tanks, ice water tanks, boilers and refrigeration units are provided to meet the actual temperature requirements, providing cold and heat sources.
Filtration system: equipped with diatomite filter, belt type supplementary collector and membrane fine filtration equipment;
Filling system: equipped with bottle washing, filling and sealing, code spraying, labeling, etc
Fruit wine production line sterilization system: according to the actual configuration of customer products and processes UHT sterilizer and pasteurizer;
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