Hygienic Pump Series

YUY-H Hygienic Backhaul Pump (Self-priming Pump)

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  Product Description:
  Specification: 5T-80T, 2.2KW-15KW
  Material: SUS316L
  Speed: 1450r/min
  90 degree import and export
  Product description
  Technical parameters:

    cElectric machinery
  1. According to the configuration, the high-efficiency grade M2BAX three-phase AC motor of "ABB" brand is mainly adopted. It is designed and manufactured according to IEC 60034 and IE60072 standards, and meets the requirements of EC CE marking.
  2. Explosion-proof motors can be selected to meet the needs of different occasions.
  3. Superior electrical performance, low noise and low vibration. The standard design protection level of motor is IP55 and insulation level is F.
  4. Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  5. Working mode: Continuous (SI)
  6. Speed: The speed of standard pump is 1450 r/min
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