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Polymerizer, stainless steel polymerizer

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  Detailed introduction
  Summary of Polymerization Vessel
  Polymerization is the process of synthesizing polymers from monomers. Polymerization kettle is a vessel that provides reaction conditions for polymerization. Polymerization kettle is the main equipment for preparing macromolecule compounds. Generally, it is a vertical cylindrical autoclave with a jacket for heating or cooling with steam or cold water. The stainless steel polymerizer for emulsion polymerization has a stainless steel horizontal impeller agitator, driven by a motor through a transmission device and a reducer. Polymerization can be carried out in batches in a single kettle or in series with multiple kettles. The polymer reactant enters the upper part of the next reactor from the lower part of one reactor. The kettle is equipped with temperature, pressure and other instruments, as well as the inlet and outlet ports. For bulk polymerization, there is no agitator in the kettle and no series connection. In addition, in the shallow plate of the rectangular metal box, aggregation is carried out at a certain speed.
  II. Structure and Characteristics of Polymerization Vessel
  Polymerization kettle is composed of mixing tank body, upper and lower heads, agitator, support, transmission device, shaft encapsulation device, etc. It can also be measured according to process requirements.
  Stainless steel is used for the tank body, cover and agitator of the polymerizer.
  Flange sealing connection or direct welding connection can be used between the tank body of the polymerizer and the cover of the stirring tank. Polymerization kettle body and agitation tank cover can open process pipe holes such as feeding, discharging, observation, emptying and solid feeding according to process requirements.
  The upper part of the tank cover of the polymerizer is equipped with a drive device (motor or reducer), and the drive shaft drives the agitator in the agitator tank to mix.
  Shaft packaging devices can be sealed by mechanical seals or packing seals, and there are many kinds of mechanical seals and packing seals for users to choose.
  The agitator of polymerizer can be equipped with slurry type, anchor type, frame type, screw type and other forms, and the production process requirements are different. If there are other requirements, you can contact our factory and design and manufacture separately.

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