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Aseptic dispensing tank

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  Detailed introduction
  1. An overview of sterile liquid dispensing tanks:
  Aseptic liquid dispensing tank is a broad concept, which refers to the aseptic requirements of various liquid dispensing tanks. The liquid dispensing tanks used in dairy products, food, beverages and pharmaceuticals all have aseptic requirements. The sterile liquid dispensing tank manufactured by our company is a modern GMP standard equipment for manufacturing and acceptance according to the pharmaceutical hygiene standard of pharmaceutical industry. Sterile liquid dispensing tanks are mainly used in other industries, and most of them are used in pharmaceuticals. In pharmaceuticals, aseptic dispensing tanks are mainly liquid dispensing tanks, concentrated dispensing tanks, dilute dispensing tanks, stainless steel dispensing tanks, hygienic grading tanks, injection dispensing tanks, pharmaceutical hygienic grading tanks, etc. Some of the dairy industry is called dispensing tanks, dispensing tanks, aseptic dispensing tanks, buffer dispensing tanks. According to the requirement of sterilization, the sterile liquid dispensing tank mainly consists of heat preservation mixing liquid dispensing tank and three-layer heat preservation liquid dispensing tank.
  2. Standards for manufacturing and acceptance of sterile liquid dispensing tanks:
  "Steel Pressure Vessels" GB150-2011, HG20584 "Technical Requirements for Manufacturing Steel Chemical Vessels", HG20583 "Structural Design Regulations for Steel Chemical Vessels", HG/T20569 "Mechanical Mixing Equipment", the current EU drug production quality management standards, customer requirements, SFDA "Quality Management Standards for Pharmaceutical Production" 2010 edition, ISO 14644-1, and "Clean Factory Setting up in Pharmaceutical Industry" Accounting Specification (GB50457-2008), GAMP Pharmaceutical Production Automation Management Specification.

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