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Alcohol recovery concentrator

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  I. Scope of application of alcohol recovery concentrator

  This equipment is suitable for the concentration of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, glucose, starch sugar, oral liquid, chemical industry, food, monosodium glutamate, dairy products and the recovery of industrial organic solvents such as alcohol. It is suitable for the low temperature vacuum concentration of small batches of heat-sensitive materials with many varieties.
  II. Equipment Composition

  The single-effect concentrator is mainly composed of tubular heater, evaporation chamber, circulating pipe, condenser, receiving tank and other ancillary equipment.
  III. Main Characteristics

  1. Alcohol recovery: The recovery capacity is large, and the vacuum concentration process is adopted. Compared with the old equipment of the same type, it increases 5-10 times and reduces energy consumption by 30%. It has the characteristics of small investment and high recovery efficiency.
  2. concentrated liquid material: the equipment adopts the external heating type natural circulation type and vacuum negative pressure evaporation mode, the evaporation speed is fast, the specific gravity can reach 1.3, the liquid material is completely foam free in the full sealing state, and the concentrated liquid of the equipment has the characteristics of no pollution and strong flavor, and is easy to clean (the upper and lower cover of the heater can be cleaned).
  3. The equipment is simple to operate and occupies a small area. The heater and evaporator adopt stainless steel thermal insulation structure, polyurethane foam for thermal insulation and matte finish for external surface, which conforms to GMP standard.

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