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Straight barrel extraction tank

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  Detailed introduction
  The so-called straight-barrel extraction tank is that the whole extraction tank is straight-barrel type. The upper and lower diameter design is adopted. The extraction tank is simple in design, convenient in manufacture, cost-saving and complete in function. Straight-barrel extraction tanks can be used in conjunction with other auxiliary equipment, such as foam traps, condensers, dual filters, oil-water separators, etc. Oil-water separator is mainly used for alcohol extraction to collect oil. The whole set of equipment is completed in a fully sealed and recyclable system, and the organic solvent is recovered in the waste liquid at the same time. Multifunctional extraction equipment has the characteristics of short extraction time, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, fast heating time, wide application range, simple operation, safety and reliability.
  II. Application Scope of Straight Barrel Extraction Tank
  Application scope
  1: Biopharmaceutical
  2: Food industry
  3: Cosmetics Industry
  4: Chemical Industry
  Application type
  1: Extraction, percolation, dissolution and purification of the effective components of traditional Chinese medicine
  2: purification of hop, plant animal oil, extraction of plant pigment, extraction of plant functional substances, extraction of flavors and fragrances.
  3: Extraction, Purification and Extraction of Cosmetic Materials
  4: Recovery of raw materials, dissolution and purification of organic solvents
  3. Structural characteristics of straight-barrel extraction tank:
  1. The slag-discharging door of the straight-cylinder extraction tank is designed with its own patent. After the main cylinder closes the slag-discharging door, two horizontal cylinders push the rotary lock ring. The unique structure of the lock ring can make the slag-discharging door rise and lock. The slag-discharging door has the characteristics of safety, reliability, easy operation, easy opening and good sealing. It can realize the self-locking function under the condition of power failure and gas breakage. The slag discharging door designed by our company is non-displacement, non-leakage and safe self-locking.
  2. The foam trap designed by our company adopts detachable baffle plate type, which is easy to clean.
  3. The oil-water separator attached to the extraction tank is easy to clean and can effectively separate the oil and water from the coolant liquid, and has a protective structure to prevent the liquid from flowing into the recovered volatile oil.
  It meets the requirements of GMP standard.
  Note: Because the structure of extraction tank has many forms, it can be customized according to requirements, such as the diameter of slag discharge door, the diameter of tank body, the number of cylinders, etc. Detailed parameter design welcomes consultation.

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