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Purification tank

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  I. Principle of Purification Tank
  Purification tank, as its name implies, is to improve the purity of materials and extract the effective substances. Therefore, some of the purification tanks are also called purification tanks. This is the different terms used in different industries for purification tanks. They are similar in size, with the same functions and characteristics as purification tanks. Principles of common purification tanks:
  (1) If water extraction: water and traditional Chinese medicine are packed into the purifying tank according to a certain technological proportion, then sandwich heat source (with jacket) is given. After boiling in the tank, the heat source is reduced, and the micro-boiling in the tank is maintained. According to the extraction pharmacological process, the effective ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine or Chinese medicine Pieces are fully dissolved in water.
  (2) For example, ethanol extraction: first add medicine and alcohol into the tank according to a certain technological proportion, so that the system is in a closed state, give sandwich heat source (with jacket), reduce the supply of heat source when the tank reaches the required temperature, keep the temperature in the tank at the required temperature for a certain time, and ensure that the effective ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine or Chinese medicine decoction pieces are fully dissolved in alcohol. The rising vapor alcohol is condensed in a condenser and stored in a liquid alcohol reflux to be distilled and purified for reuse. In order to improve efficiency, a pump can be used to force circulation so that the liquid can be sucked out from the bottom of the tank through a pump and then returned to the tank from the upper inlet.
  (3) Oil extraction: First, add Chinese herbal medicine and water containing volatile oil into the purifying tank according to a certain technological proportion, and give interlayer heat source steam (with jacket) to adjust the amount of steam after reaching the volatilization temperature, and maintain the temperature in the tank for a certain time according to the technological requirements. The volatile aromatic oil can be cooled through the cooling system, and the cooled medicine can be separated through the oil-water separator.
  Purification tank can be used in atmospheric pressure, water decoction, wet soaking, thermal reflux, forced circulation infiltration, aromatic oil extraction and organic solvent recovery in the Chinese medicine, food and chemical industries. It has the advantages of high efficiency and easy operation.
  II. Operation Procedure of Purification Tank
  After the preparatory work is done, the medicinal materials are put into the tank from the upper feeding port, and the intake valve is opened. According to the requirements of the preparation process, the amount of water added is 5-8 times that of the medicinal materials (or the same as the organic solvent below). There should be some space after adding medicinal materials and water into the tank.
  Open the heating jacket vapor of the purifying tank. If it needs rapid heating, it can also open the through steam valve. After boiling the solution in the tank, the aromatic oil with lower boiling point in the solution vapor rises to the condenser and then flows to the oil-water separator through the cooler. According to the principle of different specific gravity of oil-water, the aromatic oil is separated and collected for reserve. After the oil is basically collected, the oil will be separated and collected.  The solvent in the water separator is put back into the purifying tank to maintain the amount of solution in the purifying tank. The boiling time of the first extraction is about 2 hours. After the first extraction, the steam is closed. Open the drain valve and pump the extract through the filter to the tank.
  The second time the solution was added, and the first extraction method was used to extract about 1 hour and 30 minutes, then the first solution was combined. The solution was added for the third time, and then the solution was extracted for 40 minutes to 1 hour, combined with three times. At this time, the solution in the purifying tank is colorless (the active ingredients of drugs are basically extracted) and the residue is filtered out naturally, then the residue door is opened and the residue is discharged. If ethanol is used as extract, appropriate amount of water will be added after the third filtration, and the ethanol solvent will be recovered by opening the steam for reserve in batches, and then the residue will be discharged.  After discharging the residue, open the cleaning valve for in-situ cleaning (CIP) and close the discharging door for next batch feeding.
  Description: Because the purifying tank can be used in many industries and products, it can be customized without standard. Our company designs, manufactures, installs and debugs according to URS. The equipment is reasonable in design, convenient in use and safe and reliable. Welcome to our factory for guidance.

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