CIP cleaning system

Integrated CIP Cleaning System

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  Detailed introduction
  The integrated CIP cleaning system is an integrated system. The acid tank, the alkali tank and the hot water tank adopt an integrated structure to save the area and cost. Compared with split CIP, integrated CIP is suitable for small CIP cleaning system. Integral CIP cleaning can be designed as movable or fixed. CIP cleaning system is one of the preconditions of hygienic standards in food and drug production. It can eliminate cross-contamination of active ingredients, foreign insoluble particles, and reduce or eliminate the contamination of products by microorganisms and heat sources. GMP requires that food and pharmaceutical enterprises should try their best to recommend CIP online cleaning system. Because of the high price of automatic CIP cleaning system abroad, it restricts the use of relevant enterprises in China. In view of many problems, our company's professional technicians digest and absorb the imported foreign advanced technology and successfully develop an integrated CIP cleaning system with the advantages of high automation, simple operation and reasonable price.
  The system can carry out acid washing, alkali washing, hot water washing and other processes independently, and can also compile specific cleaning procedures for automatic cleaning according to needs. It can not only effectively clean the equipment, but also control the growth of microorganisms. At the same time, it can configure semi-automatic and full automatic control system according to customer requirements. Compared with manual cleaning, the cleaning time is greatly reduced and the work efficiency is improved; the use of cleaning agent and water will be more scientific and reasonable; at the same time, the steam consumption is relatively small, which can achieve the purpose of rational use of energy; therefore, the cleaning cost is effectively reduced. The use of advanced CIP cleaning PLC logic control makes our procedures more perfect, and imported high-quality control components can ensure the long-term and stable work of the system; friendly human-machine interface (HMI) can shorten the training time of operators, can visually display the working status of key components of equipment; easy-to-understand help interface can help operators to judge and locate. Processing a variety of common fault information, so that the equipment can be restored to normal state in time.

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