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Collagen Peptide Production Line

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  Osteopeptide Production Line
  Osteopeptide, or collagen peptide, is composed of two or more amino acids. Protein peptides are extracted and refined by modern biotechnology and enzyme engineering technology. Protein peptides include collagen peptide, soybean protein peptide, lipoprotein peptide, 39 protein peptide, corn protein peptide, fish scale protein peptide, peanut protein peptide, inclusion peptide, trans-peptide protein, oligopeptide and so on. Collagen protein peptide is widely used in zui. Collagen is a macromolecule protein whose molecular weight is more than 300,000. It can not be absorbed directly by human body. When eating food containing collagen, it must be decomposed into simple small molecule amino acids by digestive tract protease to be absorbed by intestinal tract.
  Osteopeptide Production Line
  Collagen peptide is a kind of collagen or gelatin which is degraded by protease. It has high digestibility and absorption. Its molecular weight is about 3000 Dalton. Collagen peptide can promote bone formation and enhance the structure of bone collagen at low calcium level, thus improving bone strength, that is to say, it can prevent osteoporosis. Collagen peptide also has many other special physiological functions. Functions: For example, protecting gastric mucosa, anti-ulcer and anti-allergic effects, especially the efficacy of collagen in cosmetology. Timely replenishment of collagen peptide has a very good effect on improving skin problems and delaying aging. Collagen peptide is a product of collagen obtained from collagen by advanced technology of directional digestion, denaturation, drying and extraction. It can be absorbed and utilized by human body without decomposition. Our company cooperated with collagen and collagen peptide manufacturers to develop and design a collagen peptide production line. The whole production line equipment includes pretreatment equipment, enzymatic hydrolysis tank, extraction tank, dispensing tank, filter and so on.

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