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Traditional Chinese Medicine Extraction and Concentration Production Line

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  Detailed introduction
  Extraction, concentration and alcohol precipitation of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are the lines of liquid medicine in TCM production. The extraction, concentration, alcohol precipitation and recovery unit of traditional Chinese medicine includes Chinese medicine extraction tank, condenser, cooler, oil-water separator, filter, liquid medicine pump, extraction tank, concentrator, alcohol precipitation tank, supernatant tank, alcohol recovery tower, alcohol storage tank, alcohol pump and other equipment. The production line can shorten the production time, save steam, reduce solvent input and increase the yield of ointment. It is an ideal production line for the production of medicinal materials. Our company's production line of extraction and concentration alcohol precipitation and recovery has the characteristics of high automation, good flexibility, wide extraction temperature range, convenient and fast slag discharge, low concentration temperature, energy saving, preventing runaway, high concentration efficiency, high purity of pharmaceutical liquid purification, separation and purification, and flexible equipment working mode. Our company can design according to the customer's technological requirements, the size of the output can be designed and manufactured, welcome to visit manufacturers!

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