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Traditional Chinese Medicine Extraction and Concentration Production Line

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  Detailed introduction
  Traditional Chinese medicine extraction tank and concentrator are commonly used equipment in the production of traditional Chinese medicine liquid. Our company specializes in the design and manufacture of traditional Chinese medicine extraction and concentration production line. The whole set of equipment is made of stainless steel. It is suitable for extracting and concentrating traditional Chinese medicine, plant herbs, animal medicine, food additives, etc. It can meet the requirements of negative pressure, normal pressure and positive pressure. It uses water, ethanol, methanol, propanol and other extractions and organic solvents to recover and concentrate. The production line of extracting and concentrating traditional Chinese medicine can be equipped with a separate extracting tank and concentrator, or with a hot reflux extracting and concentrating unit. Complete extraction tanks and concentrators (evaporators) can be extracted by water or alcohol, and can be concentrated. Thermal reflux extraction and concentrating unit can extract separately, concentrate separately, and concentrate while extracting. The production efficiency is high and one machine is multi-purpose. Our company has developed and designed a production line for extracting and concentrating traditional Chinese medicine, which can achieve low temperature extraction and concentration, especially suitable for the extraction and concentration of thermosensitive substances. With the increasing demand for energy saving and environmental protection, our company has developed and designed MVR concentrator and MVR hot reflux extractor concentrator on the basis of traditional extraction and concentration equipment. Welcome to visit the factory, welcome to inquire.

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