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Production Line of Chinese Herbal Health Beverage

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  Detailed introduction
  Herbal health beverage is the most common herbal tea. Functional Chinese herbal medicines are added to herbal tea, which has the functions of heat dissipation, fire removal, heat clearing, beauty and health care. Our company has designed and developed the corresponding equipment according to various Chinese herbal health beverages and herbal tea. According to the output and product characteristics, we have designed and developed the equipment. The whole Chinese herbal health beverage production line and the herbal tea production line have the characteristics of hygiene, cleanliness, automation and manual operation.
  Our company has successfully cooperated with a number of beverage manufacturers in the design experiments from the extraction and concentration of Chinese herbal medicines to the extraction and blending of tea beverages. Welcome to the factory to discuss the Chinese herbal medicine health beverage production line, herbal tea production line equipment design and manufacture.

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