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  Fragrance is the soul of food. The status of "fragrance" and "taste" is particularly prominent among the elements of food color, aroma, taste and shape. Food flavors and fragrances are one of the main sources of food flavors. Their use makes the flavor of manufactured food comparable to that of traditional hand-made food. Food flavors and fragrances have been widely applied to various fields of food production. It has improved food quality, reduced production costs, increased food color and aroma, greatly improved people's quality of life and taste, and promoted the rapid development of the food industry. Spices are some aromatic substances that come from natural animals, plants or are synthesized by artificial isolation. They are called spices. Essence is a mixture of flavors made from spices, flavoring and sometimes diluent. Natural spices (botanical natural spices (many varieties, different production methods), animal natural spices (musk, civet, beaver, Long Xianxiang), artificial spices (spices, synthetic flavors), the most are artificial flavors and fragrances, most of the food is the production of animal flavors and fragrances. The commonly used flavor and fragrance production equipment includes bone crushing machine, dispensing tank, flavor reaction kettle, perfume reactor, metering tank, delivery pump, finished product tank, sub package tank, mobile tank, etc. Our company has many years of design and manufacturing experience, according to the specific material non-standard customization, welcome to inquire.

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