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Coatings Production Line

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  Detailed introduction
  Coatings production line (paint production equipment) is based on emulsifying dispersing tank, pipeline emulsifier, powder feeding tank, paint mixing tank, horizontal grinder, static mixer, liquid meter, air compressor, electronic control device, filling machine and other major paint production equipment. Coatings production line (paint production equipment) equipment can independently complete the whole process of emulsification, dispersion, grinding, refining, cooling, filtering, vacuum automatic suction and automatic filling. The paint production line can be used not only as water-borne paint production equipment, but also as paint production equipment.
  Paint and paint complete equipment production line uses liquid metering device, high shear emulsification dispersion, vacuum suction, vacuum defoaming, automatic filling process, from feeding to finished products only need one process. One set of equipment and two production lines, with low investment cost, diversified products and fast recovery cost, are the preferred paint production equipment for investment in paint manufacturers and paint production plants.
  The special design of the combined emulsifier head structure of the complete set of equipment in the paint production line ensures that the processed materials run at no dead angle in high, medium and low viscosities. The perfect combination of dynamic mixing in the autoclave and static mixing outside the autoclave ensures the high dispersion and full mixing of pigments and high viscosity resins.
  Special vacuum design ensures material production in vacuum state, realizes automatic vacuum suction and reduces labor intensity. Complete configuration, no need for users with other auxiliary equipment connected to the power supply can be produced. The high shear and the high shear shearing function outside the kettle ensure the further refinement of the material and greatly shorten the operation time. The high-speed dispersing machine is suitable for high-speed mixing, dissolving and dispersing of liquid, liquid, liquid and powder materials in paints, dyestuffs, inks, pigments, cosmetics, resins, adhesives, lotions, pharmaceuticals, petroleum and other fields, and the speed can be arbitrarily adjusted. Section (0-1250 rpm).
  High-speed disperser adopts stepless speed regulation: electromagnetic speed regulation, frequency conversion speed regulation (such as for water-borne coatings) and explosion-proof frequency conversion speed regulation (such as for oil coatings) and other forms. The stepless speed regulation function can fully meet the different process requirements in each process, and different rotational speeds can be selected according to different process stages. Powder without additives and materials requiring high integrity of crystal package are not suitable.

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