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Yoghurt Production Line

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  Detailed introduction
  Milk is one of the oldest natural drinks, known as "white blood" and is a product suitable for all ages. It has been loved by people for many years. Because of the best-selling milk, fresh and sufficient milk must be produced in order to provide timely supply. Therefore, the matching equipment for milk production must be advanced, and the matching technology can ensure the freshness and taste of the product. The milk production line mainly produces sterilized fresh milk, pasteurized milk, reduced milk, peanut milk and student milk with various flavors. The complete milk production line mainly includes: milk collection system, dispensing system, milk purification and standardization system, homogeneous degassing system, sterilization system, filling system, etc.
  According to the production process, liquid milk can be divided into sterilized milk, yogurt and pasteurized milk. As far as disinfection methods are concerned, there are two kinds of "pasteurized milk" and "ultra-high temperature sterilized milk". As far as packaging is concerned, it can be roughly divided into four types: plastic bags, Lile boxes, cartons and plastic bottles. Lile bottles are divided into pillow type (bag type) and brick type (box type). They are all packages made by Lile Sweden Company, which are composed of 5-7 layers of paper and aluminium foil. According to experts, milk shelf-life, drinking methods and packaging have a great relationship, different packaging and disinfection methods determine the shelf-life of milk.
  Pasteurized milk: also known as pasteurized milk. After sterilization for several seconds at about 80 C, it is "short-acting milk", which needs to be stored at low temperature and has a shelf life of 1-7 days. When the storage temperature exceeds 4 C, the bacteria in milk can reproduce, so they can not be preserved for a long time at room temperature. Pasteurized milk includes three kinds of products: full-fat and partial degreasing. It is suitable for families with fast disinfection and high purchase frequency.
  Bagged milk is inexpensive, so it is suitable for delivery to millions of households and becomes breakfast food for many families. The house-shaped fresh milk is packaged with paper materials which are light-proof and conform to the environmental protection concept. It adopts the international common "cold chain control method". That is, the whole process from fresh milk extrusion to production, storage, transportation and sale is carried out at low temperature, and the longest shelf life can reach 7 days. One of its characteristics is "fresh": from milk extrusion to product filling within 8 hours to complete; the other is advanced production technology, scientific, nutrient components are well preserved, all nutritional indicators are higher than ordinary milk bags. Roof-shaped milk with rich flavor and mellow taste is the best product of fresh milk. Its price has been greatly adjusted and started to approach ordinary people. However, as the price is still at a disadvantage, household milk can not replace cheap and high-quality bagged sterilized milk for quite a long time.
  Ultra-high temperature (pillow bag/brick box) sterilized milk: also called high temperature milk. In a production line, instantaneous ultra-high temperature sterilization is used to sterilize the packaging materials, shape the packaging boxes and pack them at one time, i.e. from packaging to product filling, all of them are carried out in the sealed sterile area. Lile fresh-keeping carton with 5-7 protective film can protect vitamins in milk from sunlight. The ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilized fresh-keeping milk packaged by Lile is "long-lasting milk", which has a long storage period and can reduce the purchase frequency of consumers. The product itself does not need refrigeration. The shelf life is usually 8 months at room temperature, but the premise is that when the package is opened, it should be refrigerated and drinked in 3-4 days as far as possible. Lile pillow packaging is economical and more suitable for carrying out.

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