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Juice beverage production line

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  Detailed introduction
  Fruit juice is a kind of juice product which is made from fruit by physical methods such as pressing, centrifugation, extraction and blending. It generally refers to pure fruit juice or 100% fruit juice. Juice can be divided into clarified juice and cloudy juice according to its morphology. Clarified juice is clear and transparent, such as apple juice, while cloudy juice is even and cloudy, such as orange juice; according to the content of juice, it can be divided into pure juice and juice beverage. Fruit juice retains a considerable part of the nutrients in fruits, such as vitamins, minerals, sugar and pectin in dietary fiber. It has the advantages of digestion, intestinal moisturization, and supplementation of insufficient nutrients in diet. Therefore, fruit juice is very popular.
  Our company has successfully designed and manufactured apple juice production line equipment, concentrated fruit juice production line equipment, grape juice production line equipment, jujube juice production line equipment, soybean milk, peanut milk, almond dew and other plant protein beverage production line equipment in accordance with the characteristics of various fruit juice beverages. Juice beverage production line equipment has pre-treatment equipment, filtering equipment, dispensing equipment, filling equipment, etc. Welcome to customize!
  Our company can not only design and manufacture various juice beverage production lines, plant protein beverage production lines, herbal tea production lines, but also can install and debug the whole set of equipment to provide turnkey engineering!

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