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Production Line of Large and Small Infusion Distribution

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  Detailed introduction
  Large Volume Parenteral (LVP) is a liquid sterilizing agent that has a capacity greater than or equal to 50 ml and is directly injected into the body by intravenous drip. Small injections are small volume injections, which are injections for small injections. The production line of large infusion and small injection is a common production line in pharmaceutical industry. The main equipments are concentrated dispensing tank, liquid dispensing pump, concentrated dispensing filter, dilute dispensing tank, liquid dispensing pump, dilute dispensing filter and so on. The production line of large infusion and small injection is suitable for concentrated and dilute liquid distribution in pharmaceutical industry. The jacket is set on the tank body, which can be heated and cooled. The inner surface is mirror polished, and the pipe mouth is drawn. It is hygienic and free of dead angle. It meets the GMP standard. Because of the requirement of sterilization, the concentrating tank and the diluting tank have the functions of online cleaning and sterilization. They are hygienic, even and accurate. Fully automatic configuration weighing module, accurate liquid distribution, high efficiency, safety and reliability. Welcome to visit our factory. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

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