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  Detailed introduction
  Tea beverage is the mainstream of Chinese beverage market. Our company can complete the equipment of beverage production line according to the specific technology. For the common tea beverage in the market at present, the technology is as follows:
  1. Cold Clarification Process
  Tea-Extraction-Coarse Filtration-Rapid Cooling-Precision Filtration-Mixing-High Temperature Sterilization-Filling and Capping
  2. Heat Clarification Process of Beijing Institute of Nutrition Sources
  Tea-Extraction-Coarse Filtration-Clarification Treatment-Mixing-Precision Filtration-Sterilization-Filling and Capping
  3. Main differences between methods 1 and 2
  Method 1: High temperature extraction, cooling out the muddy, fine filtration and clarification, and finally increase the temperature of sterilization.
  Method 2: Maintain natural temperature drop after extraction, clarify at high temperature, and finally sterilize at high temperature.
  4. Advantages of Method 2
  Clarification transparency is high and clarification state is stable. The effect of energy saving is remarkable.
  Brief Introduction of Key Control Points Affecting the Quality of Tea Beverages
  The key to the quality of tea beverage lies in the clarification process. After the concentration of raw materials is prepared, the business ingredients have been fixed, and the taste has been basically positioned. After that, the key is clarification.
  1. Clarification of Tea Beverage
  The quality of tea beverage refers to the tea taste, fragrance, color, hygiene, clarity and transparency of tea beverage. Clarification and transparency are an important part of it. If the clarity and transparency of a tea beverage product is high, it will appear excellent in the eyes of consumers and distributors. If the clarity and transparency of a tea beverage product is low, it will appear inferior in the eyes of consumers and distributors, and even be considered to have deteriorated. To some extent, the clarity and transparency of tea drinks can even seriously affect their sales and prices in the market. After comparison, we believe that at the present stage, the best tea beverage with clarity and transparency is Unified Oolong Tea. It is as clear and transparent as the most mellow wine and has won the favor of the most consumers.
  The production cost of tea drinks refers to the consumption of raw materials, packaging, labor, water, electricity and steam, etc. Among them, the consumption of water, electricity and steam energy is an important part of the production cost. In the traditional tea beverage production process, the energy consumption for clarification treatment is huge.
  2. The Principle of Traditional Clarification Technology for Tea Beverage
  In the traditional tea beverage production process, most of the energy consumption is to clarify the tea beverage. The main reason that affects the clarity of tea beverage is the muddy phenomenon of tea liquor after cooling. Tea cheese, which dissolves at high temperature and becomes insoluble when the temperature decreases, is the main factor for the formation of cold turbidity in tea liquor. This phenomenon can be found in our daily tea drinking, such as tea cooling for a period of time. Especially in black tea. The traditional process uses the method of filtering tea liquor after cooling to treat the turbidity after cooling, or combining the two methods of transformation and cooling to treat the turbidity after cooling. Both of these methods need to cool the temperature of tea liquor below 20 C before filtration, and some even below 5 C.
  3. The Principle of New Clarification Technology for Tea Beverage
  The new process uses the method of transsolution to treat the turbidity after cooling. The treatment temperature is generally above 50 C. If the equipment, containers and pipelines of tea beverage production line are well sealed, it can ensure that tea aroma can be prevented from escaping, and the maximum treatment temperature can reach 80 C.
  4. Energy saving comparison between new and old processes
  Using traditional tea beverage technology, products with good clarity, transparency and quality can be produced. But in the process, a large cooling is needed between the two high temperatures, so the energy consumption is very high. This problem has long attracted attention from all sides. In order to reduce the huge energy consumption, some people designed the production line: when cooling the tea extract, the heat exchanger preheated the cooling water at the same time, and then continued to heat the preheated water until the tea was extracted after boiling, which could reduce the amount of steam used. This method has a certain effect on energy saving, but the effect is limited.
  The characteristic of the new process is that no intermediate cooling link is needed at all. After the first high temperature leaching, all the intermediate processes are carried out in the process of natural temperature drop, and finally the sterilization temperature can be reached with a small temperature rise.
  In theory, the energy consumption of cooling is greater than that of heating with the same range of temperature difference, so the energy saving effect without cooling is more effective, and the impact on the production cost of tea beverage is also significant.
  The theoretical value of energy saving effect of the new process is close to 66%.  This refers to the omission of the intermediate refrigeration link (33%) and the saving of heat energy required for reheating (33%). Of course, this is a theoretical value, in fact, there will be some discrepancies.
  5. Scope of application and clarification effect of the new process
  The new clarification technology of tea beverage has been proved to be suitable for pure tea beverages: green tea with low or no sugar, Oolong tea, Yunnan black tea, Qimen black tea and Pu'er tea beverage. It is also suitable for seasoned tea drinks: iced green tea, iced black tea and iced lemon tea drinks.
  All the tea beverages treated by the new clarification process were tested after freezing. The results are as follows:
  When frozen to 2 C, there was frost in the tea liquor, but there was no cold turbidity, and there was still a distinct taste and aroma of tea. At present, most of the best-selling tea drinks in the market can not withstand such freezing experiments.  Usually at this temperature, turbidity will occur and transparency will be reduced.
  6. The influence of extraction methods on clarification effect.
  Different extraction methods not only have great influence on the tea flavor, aroma and color of tea beverage, but also on the clarity and transparency of tea beverage.

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