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Health Beverage Production Line

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  Detailed introduction
  Our company has been focusing on the design, development and manufacture of functional beverage production line and equipment for health beverage production line for many years. Our functional beverage production line covers a series of production and processing processes of concentrated fruit juice, clear juice, turbid juice, concentrated fruit juice and puree products, involving berries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and other berries; pineapple, pomegranate, blackberries and other berries. Mango, banana, guava, papaya and other tropical fruits; peach, apricot, plum, hawthorn and other stone fruits and apples, dates, carrots, pumpkins and so on. From production to preservation, transportation and packaging, our comprehensive technology gives fresh fruit and vegetable juice products good freshness, taste, taste, appearance and nutrition.
  Different raw materials need the best combination of appropriate processing technology and equipment, but for different processing technology, some operation processes and equipment are similar, much the same, details need to be refined. Common operating procedures are as follows:
  1. Collection, washing, classification, pretreatment and sorting processes
  Fruits delivered to factories are transported to the washing and sorting areas by hand, mechanical or hydraulic transmission through flumes or conveyor belts. After removing impurities on the surface of fruits, they are classified manually or electronically. Usually, fruit pretreatment includes the integration of a series of processes, such as peeling, nucleation, crushing, slicing, antioxidant treatment and purification, as well as additional classification and classification.
  2. Dehydration operation
  Removal of water from fruit juice can make it a concentrated juice product. The specific dehydration method depends on the final product required. The highest quality of the product can be obtained through dehydration, color protection and improvement of sensory quality of fresh fruit.
  3. Allocation operation
  The acquisition of good taste has been handled in many ways.
  4. Sterilization and Filling
  The juice was sterilized by a closed sterile operating system and then cooled to ambient temperature under sterile condition. Some fruits are refrigerated or stored at ambient temperatures to inhibit chemical deterioration that affects the appearance of fruits. Finally, the sterile product is transported to a matching filling machine, whose internal containers are filled according to the preset values and prepared for labeling and storage.
  Note: We provide functional beverage production line, plant planning, plant design, technical support for process formulation, equipment installation and commissioning, and training staff operation. Domestic free door-to-door installation, if there are any problems, we will send a Commissioner to provide door-to-door after-sales service!

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