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Three key points should be paid attention to when using ultrasonic extraction tank

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  Nowadays, ultrasound extraction equipment is attracting great attention. Good extraction quality and high-speed work efficiency are welcomed by medical research, biopharmaceuticals and other industries. But do you know some key points that should be paid attention to when using the ultrasonic extraction tank? Now let's take a look at the key points that should be paid attention to when using the ultrasonic extraction tank.

  1. Keep no load in mind (the ultrasonic horn must be inserted into the sample before starting the machine).
  2. Amplifier (ultrasonic probe) water depth: about 1.5 cm, the liquid level should be above 30 mm, the probe should be in the middle, do not adhere to the wall. Ultrasound is a vertical longitudinal wave. It is not easy to form convection when it is inserted too deep, which affects the breaking efficiency.
  3. Ultrasound parameter settings: Set the working parameters of the instrument well (see instructions or telephone consultation for specific settings). Ice bath is usually used outside samples (such as bacteria) which are sensitive to temperature requirements. The actual temperature must be below 25 degrees, and protein nucleic acid will not degenerate.

  1) Time: Ultrasound time should not exceed 5 seconds at a time, and the interval time should be greater than or equal to the time of ultrasound, so as to facilitate heat emission. Time setting should be based on the principle of short ultrasonic time and more ultrasonic times, which can prolong the life of the ultrasonic machine and probe.
  2) ultrasonic power: not too large, so as to avoid samples splashing or foaming, if less than 10ml sample capacity, power should be within 200W, 2mm ultrasonic probe is selected, and the horn selector switch at the back of the panel should be hit to the corresponding gear; the power of the 10-200ml sample capacity is 200 400W, the 6mm ultrasonic probe is selected, and the horn of the rear panel is hit to the corresponding block; the sample capacity above 200ml is also taken. The power is between 300 and 600 w, 10 mm ultrasonic probe is selected, and the horn behind the panel is blocked accordingly; (2 mm small probe power is strictly prohibited to exceed 350 W).
  3) Container selection: choose the size of beaker as many samples as possible, which is also conducive to the convection of samples in ultrasound, and improve the crushing efficiency. For example, 20ML is best handled in a 20ML beaker.

  For example, setting parameters of 100 ml E. coli sample: ultrasonic 5 seconds/interval 5 seconds 70 times (total time is 10 minutes), power 300 W (for reference only) 500 ML, power up to 500 W-800W.
  4. If the sample is placed in an EP tube of 1.5 ml, it is necessary to fix the EP tube in order to prevent the drop of liquid level after the melting of ice bath leading to no-load.
  5. Daily Maintenance: Use alcohol to scrub the probe or water for ultrasound after use!

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