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Production and Application of Carbon Steel Reactor

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  In the practice of production and application of carbon steel reactor, the requests for mixing impeller are comprehensive and multifaceted. It is usually difficult for mixing impeller to achieve useless effect by using one way. It needs a special request in the reaction process to be satisfied in one or two aspects. For example, in the suspended carbon steel reactor, the requests for mixing should be emphasized to make the monomers in the reaction system uniform. When uniformly dispersed and suspended in successive phases, it is easy to choose rear-Jean or Bulmakin impellers. For mixing of high-viscosity fluids and carbon steel reactor, anchor type, screw type and screw-belt type are the first choice.
  Generally speaking, the applicable viscosities of various mixing propellers in carbon steel reactor can be divided into two regions: low viscosity and high viscosity. The viscosities of impellers used for low-viscosity fluid are 10-3-10 Pa.s. The viscosities of impellers used for high-viscosity liquid are different with respect to the diameter of impellers used for different impellers. Scale ratio: flat blade 0.5-0.83, turbine blade 0.33-0.40, propeller 0.1-0.33.
  For the specific position of impeller in the kettle, for the heterogeneous response system, the impeller is often placed near the bottom of the kettle or the bottom baffle of the kettle when mixing the suspended material which is easy to settle; for the gas-liquid mixing, the inlet is requested to be close to the bottom of the impeller.
  When the ratio of liquid layer depth to vessel diameter is greater than 1.25, several impellers should be selected. The number of impellers should be determined according to the ratio of water depth equivalent to vessel diameter. The interval between impellers is 1-1.5 times that of impellers directly, so as to ensure that the operation of impellers does not affect each other and can mix materials adequately.
  Carbon steel reactor is characterized by reasonable and reliable planning, fast operation, high efficiency and accurate operation and measurement.

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