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Characteristic of loading stainless steel mixing tank and matters needing attention

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  The charging characteristics of stainless steel mixing tank are easy to operate and high safety factor. Its two advantages make it popular among many loading companies and in the market of mixing tank. When using and designing the charging of stainless steel mixing tank, we should pay attention to the reasonable selection of loading factor to improve the utilization ratio of equipment as much as possible.

  Characteristic of charging:
  Primary loading refers to the preparation of loading before and after the first operation of the agitator. After the reaction is completed, all the materials are put away without adding or unloading. The suitable reaction types for this operation include gas-phase reaction, liquid-phase reaction and liquid-solid multiphase reaction.
  The stirring process with one loading is more convenient to operate and has a high safety factor. It will not affect the output of the stirring tank, but will make the stirring more uniform and refined.

  The ratio of length to diameter and the loading amount of mixing tank body are as follows:
  After knowing the volume of the material in the agitator, the pavement should consider choosing the appropriate length-diameter ratio (H/D:) and the loading quantity to determine the diameter and height of the cylinder. The length-diameter ratio is particularly important for the agitator. It involves the special requirements of the agitator's efficiency, effect and technology. There are three main aspects: 1. agitation power 2. cushion 3. the requirements of the agitator's reaction characteristics.
  Loading charge, namely charging coefficient, mixing tank and other agitator containers should be rationally chosen when loading coefficient, and the utilization ratio of equipment should be increased as much as possible. The usual loading coefficient is 0.6-0.85. If the material needs foam or boiling state in the reaction process, it is desirable to 0.6-0.7. If the material response is relatively stable, the ETA should be 0.8-0.85 (material viscosity is large and desirable value).

  The size of the mixing tank is directly related to the filler. Stainless steel mixing tank provides you with the above information. I hope you can help us in the future.
  Mixer can choose non-fulcrum frame, some small power and small axial load occasions. Motor and transmission have two fulcrums, and the bearing can bear the radial and axial loads transmitted by the mixing shaft.
  Shaft seal body has bearing which can be used as fulcrum, in mixing equipment, guide bearing in the middle of mixing shaft can be used as a fulcrum. There are two independent supports in the middle of double fulcrum rack, which are suitable for heavy attack load or special places with high requirements for the removal of mixing seal. Elastic coupling must be used to connect the output shaft of accelerator with mixing shaft when single support is not available. When fulcrum or no fulcrum rack is required, double fulcrum rack should be selected.

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