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Three Principles of Ultrasound Extraction Tank

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  Product characteristics: 1. High extraction efficiency: the unique physical characteristics of ultrasound can promote the breakage or deformation of plant cell tissues, make the extraction of effective components more fully, the extraction rate significantly increased by 50-500% compared with the traditional process; 2. Short extraction time: Ultrasound-enhanced extraction of traditional Chinese medicine usually obtains the best extraction rate in 24-40 minutes, and the extraction time is greatly shortened by more than 2/3 compared with the traditional method. 3. Low extraction temperature: The optimum temperature for ultrasonic extraction of Chinese medicinal materials is 40-60 C, which is unstable when heated.

  Effective ingredients in easily hydrolyzed or oxidized medicines have protective effects, while greatly saving energy and energy consumption.
  4. Wide adaptability: Ultrasound extraction of traditional Chinese medicines is not limited by polarity and molecular weight of components, and is suitable for extraction of most kinds of traditional Chinese medicines and components; 5. Extraction of liquid medicines has few impurities, and the effective components are easy to be separated and purified; 6. The operation cost of extraction process is low, and the comprehensive economic benefits are remarkable;
  7. Easy to operate, easy to maintain and maintain equipment.

  Principle of ultrasonic extraction
  The advantages of ultrasonic extraction of Chinese medicinal materials are based on the special physical properties of ultrasound. It is mainly through the fast mechanical vibration wave generated by piezoelectric transducer to reduce the interaction force between the target extract and the sample matrix so as to achieve solid-liquid extraction separation.
  (1) Accelerating the motion of medium particles. When the ultrasonic wave propagates in a continuous medium (such as water) with a frequency higher than 20? KHz, according to Huygens wave theory, the motion of the medium particles (including those of the important active ingredients of medicinal materials) will be induced on the wave front of the ultrasonic wave propagating, so that the motion of the medium particles can obtain tremendous acceleration and momentum. The acceleration of a particle can generally be calculated to be more than 2,000 times the acceleration of gravity. Because the medium particle acts on the active ingredient of Chinese medicinal herbs by ultrasonic energy, it gains huge acceleration and kinetic energy, and quickly escapes from the medicinal herbs matrix and dissociates in water.

  (2) Cavitation. Ultrasound propagates in liquid medium and produces special "cavitation effect". Cavitation effect continuously produces numerous micro-cavitations with internal pressure reaching thousands of atmospheric pressure, and continuously "blasting" produces strong micro-shock wave on Chinese medicinal materials, which makes the components of Chinese medicinal materials escape by "bombardment" and causes the matrix of Chinese medicinal materials to be continuously denuded, which does not belong to the plant structure. The active ingredients are constantly separated. Accelerate the extraction of plant active ingredients.
  (3) Ultrasound vibration homogenization (Sonication) makes all points in the sample medium receive the same effect, and makes the whole sample extraction more uniform. In summary, the effective substances in Chinese medicinal herbs not only obtain their own huge acceleration and kinetic energy as medium particles under the action of ultrasound field, but also obtain strong external impact through "cavitation effect", so they can be efficiently and fully separated.

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