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The magnetic stirring tank is mostly used in industries with higher requirements.

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  Stainless steel magnetic stirring tank uses magnetic drive device, no mechanical seal, no leakage, to ensure that the liquid is distributed in a sterile, non-polluting environment. Completely replace the common mechanical seal mixing structure for on-line cleaning and aseptic treatment. Most magnetic stirring tanks are widely used in pharmaceutical industry, food industry, bioengineering industry and other industries with high hygiene requirements.

  The magnetic stirring tank is a stirring device, which mixes and mixes materials in the food production process.
  After the production material enters the stirring tank, the permanent magnet coupling is used to drive the stirring shaft to run. The agitator generates eddy current through the rotation of the stirring blade. The material is sucked into the eddy current and quickly sucked into the agitator. Impeller. When the centrifugal force of the impeller is in the suction direction of the impeller, the impeller will impact the material into the tank wall in the form of radiation. After collision with the tank wall, the liquid will be sucked back to the suction end of the impeller by collision force and upward circulation. The uninterrupted moving stirring reaction under thrust can homogenize, mix, dissolve and disperse.

  The contact part between the magnetic stirring tank and the material is made of health grade 304 or 316L stainless steel. The inner surface is polished by mirror, which ensures the hygiene, safety and cleanliness of the product.
  Because each customer's production process is different, the parameters of stainless steel magnetic stirring tank can be customized according to customer's production requirements, and suitable stirring tank equipment can be customized for customers.

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