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Six Types of Stainless Steel Stirring Tanks

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  The magnetic stirring tank is a non-standard customized product. In production, in order to meet the production process of different customers, the manufacturing specifications of magnetic stirring tank are different. Hengdong, as a professional stainless steel magnetic stirring tank manufacturer, has a large number of customer models and specifications for ordering stainless steel magnetic stirring tank. According to more customized types, there are conventional stirring tank and electric heating stirring tank. Different types of mixing tanks, such as multi-functional mixing tank, vacuum mixing tank, high-speed mixing tank and magnetic mixing tank, have their own characteristics.

  Types of Stainless Steel Stirring Tanks
  Conventional mixing tank: Conventional mixing tank, also known as single-layer mixing tank, is the only spare mixing tank in Dingwang. The structure of single-layer agitator is relatively simple, and it is only used for general agitation and storage.
  Electrically heated stirring tank: It is also a popular stirring tank equipment in Hengdong. Electrically heated stirring tank is a kind of tank equipment which uses heating tube as heating mode. It is often used for mixing heating and stirring in various chemical industries. There are two choices: open-cover type and closed type.

  High-speed mixing tank: It is also customizable stainless steel tank. The characteristics of high-speed mixing tank are stepless speed regulation or frequency conversion speed regulation mixing, stable transmission and low noise. The use of more humanized, to meet the mixing requirements of different operating periods.
  Multifunctional mixing tank: It is customized mixing tank equipment according to customer requirements. It can be equipped with insulation layer, mixer, manhole and other devices according to customer requirements. Its biggest highlight is the installation of instant movable device, which greatly increases the flexibility of production process.

  Magnetic agitator: The difference between magnetic agitator and ordinary agitator is agitator. The magnetic agitator uses the principle of magnetic field whirlpool to drive the agitator to circulate in a circle, so as to achieve the purpose of agitating liquid. The magnetic agitator is often used in production places with high hygienic requirements.
  Vacuum mixing tank: Vacuum mixing tank is a mixing equipment that mixes and mixes materials under vacuum conditions. Vacuum mixing tank can be equipped with heating or cooling device according to customer requirements. The mixing tank body and configuration can be designed according to different process requirements.

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