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  Anhui Xiangpai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional design and manufacturing enterprise engaged in fluid equipment and accessories. It has developed into a leader in the field of production line. It has accumulated cold working technology, polishing technology, engineering design and installation technology representing the advanced level in China. Its business scope covers Chinese medicine extraction production line, fruit juice beverage production line and ice cream production line.( Tea beverage, herbal tea, fruit and vegetable vinegar beverage, vegetable protein beverage, carbonated beverage, vitamin beverage, health beverage, dairy beverage, soybean beverage, blueberry beverage, snow lotus beverage, coarse grain beverage, Babao porridge, food and wine (liquor, beer, red wine, wine, health wine, yellow wine, rice wine, fruit wine, etc.).
  The company's main products are: stainless steel mixing tank, electric heating reaction tank, stainless steel mixing barrel, cold and hot cylinder, aging cylinder, sedimentation tank, liquid mixing tank, preparation tank, dispensing tank, enzymatic hydrolysis tank, batching tank, emulsifying tank, extraction tank, concentration equipment, and the design, manufacture and installation of complete engineering equipment, for food, dairy products, chemical, pharmaceutical equipment and production line configuration. Technological transformation of new and old production lines. It is one of the few domestic manufacturers that can design and manufacture high-precision fluid equipment of sanitary level. Based on the needs of customers and the satisfaction of customers, the company has established a production test center for product design, development, manufacturing and testing. The NC machining center is equipped to meet the needs of processing and manufacturing. It has advanced mechanical, electrical, water and gas functional product experiment and test environment.
  Provide process design, machinery manufacturing, installation and commissioning, after-sales service, technical training and other one-stop engineering services.
  Science and technology are the source of innovation, and innovation is the driving force of development. The company always puts "scientific and technological innovation" in the first place, regards technology as its core competitiveness, actively introduces advanced design concepts and manufacturing technologies from abroad, constantly innovates and enterprises, and attracts a group of domestic advanced professionals of machinery, engineering, technology and self-control, transforms science and technology into actual productivity, and improves the technical content of its products and equipment. The company has comprehensive technology, and its technical ability plays an important role in its peers.
  Since its establishment, the company has won the trust of customers at home and abroad and the strong support of relevant government departments. It has passed the quality system certification of ISO 9001-2000. At the same time, it has been awarded the honorary titles of "trusted enterprise", "contract-oriented and trustworthy unit", "AAA-level credit enterprise", "top ten famous and excellent brands of beverage machinery in China".
  Since its establishment, the company has brought together a large number of high-tech talents with long-term experience in beverage equipment technology research, engineering application and practice. Through the introduction of advanced technology at home and abroad, on the basis of traditional beverages!
  Following the business philosophy of "treating each other sincerely, taking credit as the foundation, winning by excellence", our company is willing to cooperate with people from all walks of life and strive for common development. We warmly welcome new and old customers at home and abroad, and people of insight to visit us. We will uphold the advanced management concept, scientific management model and professional service action, cooperate with many domestic and foreign scientific research institutions to develop many new drinks, and combine with market demand and long-term in-depth study of products, continue to provide professional products and services for new and old customers, and strive to build a brilliant beverage enterprise!

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